Become a WebTeacher™ hopes to push education beyond the current and outdated models. We believe that educators and learners must fully embrace and capitalize on the global technology opportunities available today so that our students can compete in the worldwide marketplace of tomorrow.

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Transporting Education to YOU, Not Transporting YOU to Education.

More free time
Eliminate the time and effort needed to pack up, drive to and set up for a tutor session.
More revenue
Other services TAKE up to 70% of the student tutoring fees. Our WebTeachers KEEP 70% of the total revenue. Learn More
More students "in the cloud"
WebTeachers are not limited to tutoring students close to home. Tutor students in your hometown or around the globe!
More students per session
Help one student at a time or arrange to meet 2, 5, 10 or more in your classroom in the clouds.
Choose your participants or open it up to
learners everywhere.
Higher quality delivery
Our secure, cloud based dashboards offer custom, automated student and class management tools to keep you organized.
Peer-to-Peer networks
The teaching experience continues beyond the tutoring session with social media style
discussion opportunities.
More productivity
Why transport yourself to the education event when™ transports the education
event to you!
WebTeach Live! or Web Teach Library
Choose to video record live sessions that can be accessed again and again as needed.
Earn money 24/7
WebStudents can purchase and consume your pre-recorded coursework via your own WebTeach Library around the clock.
Screen Sharing
Perfect for collaboration on documents,
websites and videos.
Quiz Engine
Simplifies and improves assessment of skills development and knowledge growth in real time.
Interactive Whiteboard
Draw, solve math equations and capture project ideas with up to seven participants at one time.
Document Sharing
Great for going over a homework sheet, assignment rubric, or returned graded paper.
Peer Ratings
Share your insigits about other WebTeachers.
Teachers and students can view his/her summary of all WebTeach activity to date.
Video Recording Functionality
Refer back to previous tutoring sessions by recording and saving them your personal WebTeach Cloud Drive.
Asynchronous Library
Build a compilation of recorded WebTeach Live! sessions available for asynchronous consumption or repurposed for your next interactive event.
Create engaging check-in questions without interrupting session flow.

WebTeach is simply a marketplace for education at any level and with any subject.

Enjoy your classroom in the clouds today.