Become a WebStudent™ makes it easy to find help in any area of study. Whether your student needs additional assistance in a particular class or wants to push beyond their current coursework, our affordable e-learning opportunities are waiting for you.

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Transporting Education to YOU, Not Transporting YOU to Education.

More free time
Eliminate the time and effort needed to pack up, drive to and unpack again for each tutor session.
Reduce your tutoring expenses
Save money without compromising quality by working directly with the WebTeacher of your choosing from anywhere, anytime. More Info
On-demand, On-line teachers
Need a tutor right now? Search our list of the world's brightest WebTeachers who are available and ready to engage you and/or your child.
More transparency
View on-line teacher credentials, state certifications, detailed profiles and a three level rating system. Sit in on a WebTeach Live! session or watch a recording of any previous lesson at your convenience.
Higher quality education allows students/parents to set the pace of learning as well as to select the learning setting for maximum return on investment.
Better outcomes
Need to reinforce a skill concept previously taught via WebTeach? Why repay to relearn? WebStudents can watch previously taught and recorded sessions anytime.
Unmatched student/parent dashboards
Our secure, cloud based dashboards track learning history, test scores, peer/student/parent reviews and upcoming assignments.
More teachers
Interview and choose from any of our "WebTeachers in the cloud" rather than being limited to tutors close to home. Schedule one or more WebTeach Live! sessions at times most convenient for you.
Gain control of your learning experience by hand selecting the right WebTeacher to teach at the right time or right now.
Screen Sharing
Perfect for collaboration on documents,
websites and videos.
Quiz Engine
Simplifies and improves assessment of skills development and knowledge growth in real time. (coming soon)
Interactive White Board
Draw, solve math equations and capture project ideas in real time.
Document Sharing
Great for going over a homework sheet, assignment rubric, or returned graded paper.
Teacher Ratings
Make an informed decision about your tutor.
WebStudents can view his/her summary of all WebTeach activity to date, connect with a WebTeacher, view upcoming scheduled sessions and more.
Video Recording Functionality
Refer back to previous tutoring sessions by recording and saving them to your personal WebTeach Cloud Drive.
Asynchronous Library
Browse our compilation of recorded WebTeach Live! sessions available for asynchronous consumption at your convenience
Share your thoughts by participating in engaging check-in questions without interrupting session flow.

WebTeach is simply a marketplace for education at any level and with any subject.

Enjoy your classroom in the clouds today.