The Most Powerful Social Collaboration Platform Available.

Become an Expert or Find an Expert

Instant HD Meetings, VoIP, 1 on 1 or 1 to Many MOOCs

Over 1,000,000 hours of training on WebTeach and counting!

Current Live Users: 32   Peak This Week: 132   Available WebTeachers: 2,621

Make your organization a competitive powerhouse by connecting in real time each and every employee and individual across your extended enterprise. Allow employees to find and instantly meet and connect with a Subject Matter Expert (SME), Mentor or Coach.

WebTeaching: One-on-one or one-to-many WebTeacher and WebStudent sessions by invitation (scheduled or on-demand). Perfect for tutoring or group instruction.

WebTeachinars: One-to-many classroom-style sessions with an open enrollment format (up to 1,000).

Enterprise: School or business inclusive WebTeach Live! capabilities for system-wide collaboration and learning.

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The WebTeach Enterprise platform is ideal for businesses and organizations looking to:

  • Engage staff, clients or potential clients with the most interactive online meeting and training service available.
  • EMarket and produce large scale webinars (up to 1,000) for free or for a fee.
  • Record, store and access previously sessions for future consumption and/or for purchase.

Our school-wide solutions are perfect for:

  • Any school wanting to attract and retain students or to provide tutoring services. (free or fee-based).
  • Charter schools and public schools engaging in blended learning.
  • Virtual schools looking for a powerful, more affordable platform for all teacher and student interactions.

Free time - Collaborate, teach, tutor and learn with others around the globe while eliminating travel time and out of pocket costs.

Students/participants per session - Help one student at a time or arrange to meet 2, 5, 10 or more in your classroom in the clouds.

Productivity - Our interactive tools and cloud storage provide everything you need for a productive session.

Higher quality delivery - Our secure, cloud based dashboards offer custom, participant, classroom and meeting management tools to keep everyone organized and moving forward.

Ways to Communicate - continue the conversation beyond the WebTeach Live! session with social media style discussion opportunities.

Peace of Mind - Eliminate connectivity concerns. Cloud classrooms can be accessed on virtually any web enabled device,
anytime, anywhere.

WebTeach Exclusive: Video record any WebTeach Live! session for unlimited play back.

Interactive whiteboard: – draw, highlight images, share pictures and solve equations.

Screenshare: share an entire screen, a specific document, websites and apps.

Word processor: collaborate on essays
and reports.

WebTeach Live! video and audio chat – participants experience the look and feel of a real classroom.

Polling - Create engaging check-in questions for classroom without interrupting session flow.

Reporting - Manage sessions utilizing a comprehensive dashboard and social media style messaging.

Cloud Storage - retrieve previous WebTeach Live! sessions using cloud drive archiving.

“We needed to find a scalable virtual classroom platform that could support both our immediate as well as our long-term goals. Our desire for a robust and easy to use platform that supports our BYOD policy that could elegantly integrate blended learning as well as to provide best in class dropout recovery services led us to We feel they are the ideal solution to help our educators and faculty in their continuing efforts to provide superior learning environments which both our students and parents have recognized as core competencies implemented by our schools.”

- Maggie Ford, Chief Academic Officer of White Hat Management

WebTeach is simply a marketplace for education at any level and with any subject.

Enjoy your classroom in the clouds today.